Kingston Group: Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry

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Kingston’s Laboratory Research

Our lab uses a variety of approaches to develop drugs from natural products.  We collaborate with biologists and microbiologists to discover and develop potential drugs for treatment of cancer, malaria, leishmaniasis, and human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), and we also work to develop improved methods of drug delivery.

These approaches are illustrated by the projects below.

Antimalarial Natural Product Drug Discovery

Exploring the Merck library of natural products extracts to find and study potential new antimalarial agents.

Anticancer Natural Products Drug Discovery

Using novel bioassay to discover inhibitors of the proteasome

Drug Delivery

Using gold nanoparticles to deliver anticancer drugs directly to the tumor site.

David G. I. Kingston, University Distinguished Professor, Chemistry.

Curriculum Vitae

Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery

The mission of the Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery (VTCDD) is:

To advance the growth and stature of drug discovery and delivery research at Virginia Tech

To assist VT faculty members initiate basic and applied drug discovery and delivery research

To foster a dynamic environment that promotes the recruitment of high quality faculty and students

To vigorously pursue continuing education and economic growth through outreach activities with industry and government agencies